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A LIVE Virtual Workshop

So You Built A Successful Business... NOW WHAT?

Designed to help accomplished business owners address the 3 major entrepreneurial dilemmas, provide education on their entrepreneurial wealth, and to strategically position it to enhance their journey beyond success. We will help you plan for what's next and maximize your return on wealth AND life.

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“Ali Nasser draws on his seventeen years of experience advising entrepreneurs to lay out a roadmap for their unique balance sheets and help them make important life decisions. Many owners are searching for ways to bring it all together. This provides the path.”

Dan Sullivan, Founder & President
  of Strategic Coach®

“Ali is the authority on entrepreneurial wealth. This clearly articulates the core dilemmas all business owners face and brings them together with one integrated system. WISE is like EOS® for your personal wealth.”

—GINO WICKMAN, Creator of EOS, author of Traction, Get A Grip, and My EOS Life

Every business owner needs a guide to help navigate the decisions of business, wealth, and life. The Business Owner’s Dilemma provides a roadmap, and Ali is your guide.”

—Cameron Herold, The CEO Whisperer, and multiple best-selling author

So You Built A Successful Business... NOW WHAT?
A Virtual LIVE ZOOM Workshop
March 16th, 2023
9 AM to 3 PM (Central)

Price for Workshop - $1,997

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  • Are you facing the The Reinvestment, The Exit or The Legacy Dilemma™?
  • ​Do you have a plan to address it?
  • ​Do you have a plan to convert your business success to personal success?
  • ​Do you have a framework to make your biggest decisions with confidence?
  • ​Are you getting expert perspective that is free of conflict of interest?
  • ​Are  you getting guidance that is meant for business owners?
  • ​What is the value of capturing the success of your life's work?

Would you invest 6 hours of your life to capture the returns of your life's work?

  • 3 Business Owner's Dilemmas - Reinvestment, Legacy, and Exit.
  • The 6 Unique Components of Entrepreneurial Wealth Planning
  • ​Integration of Legal, Tax, and Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs
  • ​Maximizing Your Return on Life Experience AND Your Return on Wealth

Are you ready for your next act?

Let us help you prepare for what comes next.

80% of mountain climbing accidents happen after reaching the top.

Would you invest 8 hours of your life to capture the returns of your life's work?

Are you ready?
To begin with the end in mind...
To bring all the pieces together ...
To integrate ...
To create better perspective with intentionality ...
To determine your best path forward ...

- WHAT -

A Live Virtual Workshop For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

- WHEN -

Join Us
March 16th, 2023
9 AM to 3 PM (Central)


LIVE via Zoom
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Ask Yourself These Questions. . .
We will seek answers to them in our workshop.

Balance Sheet
How do I decide what to do with my excess capital?  
What types of investment would make sense for someone in my position? (private equity, common stocks, crypto, real estate, my own business)

Liquidity & Cash Flow
How can I determine my personal and business liquidity requirements?
How to position my short and intermediate term liquidity?

Lifestyle & Legacy Capital
How much capital do I need separate from my company to be financially independent?
How do I position my wealth to benefit the people and causes I care about the most?

How do I gain peace of mind when it comes to what I've built?

So You Built A Successful Business... NOW WHAT?

We Understand the 
Entrepreneurial Mindset

It's what sets you apart from the rest

It started at a young age

Ideas are opportunities

Your best investment is your business

You don't want to be told what to do

Time is your most valuable asset

You don't want to retire

You want freedom of time and purpose

The Journey of a Thousand Miles, Begins with a Single Step.      -- Lao Tzu

Join Ali Nasser, the best selling author of The Business Owner's Dilemma, on March 16th, 2023.


Creating a vision to capture your success.

Building an integrated plan to position your wealth for maximized protection & returns.

Formulating legacy and transition planning.

Formulate a reinvestment strategy consistent with your next act goals.


With like-minded business owners who are facing the same dilemmas for addressing the 3 dilemmas

Creating entrepreneurial strategies for your life's work and wealth

Identifying tactical opportunities to maximize your return on wealth as well as your return on life experience ™


Expert content and education from the leading expert on entrepreneurial wealth 

How to identify the Re-investment, Legacy, and Exit Dilemmas™

How to strategically plan for each of the 6 components of entrepreneurial wealth

How to integrate your team of advisors under your vision

How to reduce the complexity and bring clarity to your next act


Ali Nasser

Ali Nasser is a #1 Amazon bestselling author, entrepreneur, speaker, and life enthusiast. His mission is to help accomplished business owners find their best path forward.

After serving as a guide and partner to some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs for almost two decades, Ali identified three critical dilemmas challenging their minds.

In his book, "The Business Owner's Dilemma” Ali reveals how by using the Wealth Integration System for Entrepreneurs™ business owners can integrate business, wealth, and life decisions to address the reinvestment, legacy and exit dilemmas and create the outcomes they truly desire. 

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Get your ticket now!

Limited spots available so make sure you register your seat now!

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